Luxe Boutiques has vast resources in the fur industry for custom designs and remodeling your own treasured fur garment. You may arrange to meet with a designer in our Luxe Taj Boston location where we can recommend updating the style and other changes to your present garment to make it a more modern or wearable coat. 

Our most popular remodel is to take your existing fur coat, have it sheared and lined with a water repellant silk taffeta where the coat is reversible.  

By shearing the coat it makes it a much lighter weight and it has a velvety appearance opposed to a long haired coat of the past.  It’s a wonderful travel garment and our customers almost always call and thank us for suggesting this change to their coats. 

The average cost of a conversion like this is between $1,800 and $3,000 depending on condition of the garment, size, original style and other added options. 

By making this change most people find that their investment gives them a wearable coat for many occasions, and it’s the ultimate upcycle.  Now your coat is being worn rather than hiding in your closet.

Call us to schedule an appointment with a designer to restyle your fur that has been unused for too long, or the garments you've inherited and don't know what to do with! 

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