Luxe Boutiques, LLC partners with fine hotels, providing the merchandise, marketing, and management of retail spaces.

Since 2012, Luxe Boutiques has partnered with fine hotels to provide merchandise, marketing and management of hotel lobby retail spaces. Luxe Boutiques selects quality, well-crafted, refined products and cultivates excellent and lasting client relationships.

Luxe Boutiques offers excellence in design and craftsmanship. A global traveler will appreciate superfine cashmere scarves, precious and semi-precious stones and metals. 

A local will enjoy the  versatile outerwear selection from modern trench rainwear to the practical and luxurious mink lined reversible coats.

Luxe Boutiques' customers include well-established, local residents of the Boston metropolitan area and the global traveler who collects beautiful goods on their journeys. These two customer bases have one thing in common — they seek refined quality and appreciate a rewarding shopping experience with excellent customer service.

Luxe Boston - Taj Hotel

Luxe Boston - Taj Hotel